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ICV program was started back in November 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

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In Country Value Certificate (ICV)

ZS Chartered Accountants have a team of experienced professionals that can help you to get an ICV certificate from one of the ICV certifying body helping you In Country Value Certificate (ICV) services, ICV certification assistance in Abu Dhabi, in country value (ICV) program all sorts of Tax matters, UAE.

ICV program was started back in November 2017 in Abu Dhabi. In 2019 and 2020 with ICV got more advancement and because it proved helpful in dealing with GDP diversification and strategic considerations, and it spread in UAE and Abu Dhabi. This version of the ICV was more advance and updated than the previous one. What is Country Value? It has 2 segments, 1st to get ICV certification and secondly to get that ICV implemented. Many Government, Semi Government and Private Companies have implemented ICV. For those organizations that have implemented ICV is proving beneficial for both the company and the government or the state.

This is helping companies to legalize their wealth and for the government, it is helping them to increase their GDP. What is ICV certificate? In Country Value Certificate is necessary for each legal company or business. It is prepared on the bases of last audited budget statements. The condition of the audited statements reveals that firm that is desiring to get ICV must have conducted audit of their company because the non-audited organization are not eligible of getting ICV registration. Benefits of ICV are creating more job opportunities for UAE Nationals (Human Capital Development), supporting UAE GDP diversification through sourcing more products (GDP growth) and services within the UAE and localizing strategically critical links of the value chain for chosen categories (Technology Adoption). All organizations that supply goods or services via an intermediary supplier will be asked for their In Country Value Certificate score in tender applications. How do I get an In Country Value Certificate certification?  certification will need to be carried out per annum. How is ICV score calculated? In Country Value Certificate score is calculated on the basis of the goods and services offered by the company by assessing the economic value add within the UAE. Following are some important areas to be taken into consideration; Goods Manufactured, Third Party payout, Exports, Investment, Revenue and Emiratisation. How can I get In Country Value Certificate certificate in UAE? ZS Consultants provides you the best services in the best and affordable fee to get your In Country Value Certificate (ICV).

In Country Value Certificate Process

Apply for an ICV

To apply for an ICV certificate, the company must contact and receive quotations from the approved Certifying Bodies.

Signing an Engagement Letter

The company must then select and award one of the Certifying Bodies from the quotations received, followed by signing an Engagement Letter

Evaluate the Company

The Certifying Body will then evaluate the company based on the information submitted using the ICV Certification Template, and issue the final ICV certificate for the company

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