VAT Transaction advising is all about guiding an entity about specific industry transactions. It is more relevant when the entity has a complex spectrum of transactions with multi products, services, multi geographical locations, branches etc.

ZS Chartered Accountants has dynamic experts who can assist the clients with VAT transaction advisory services, which cover the below steps:

  • Business operating model
  • Business process and operations
  • Place of supply
  • Time of supply
  • IT systems
  • Compliance risk
  • Specific scenario arising out of specific operational transactions

General Consulting on VAT

  • General consulting on VAT
  • Tax invoice formatting and other preparatory
  • General advice on procedural changes to be adopted in the entity

Consulting services can minimize the efforts of the entities by timely identifying the resources, working capital, IT support and other procedural changes.

Our team of professional consultants guides the clients in formulating the VAT plans according to their requirements.